NADNAT Productions is a collaboration project between Nathalie Fixon, photographer, and Nadine O'Garra, circus and visual artist. In 2009, Nadine and Nathalie sat down and started working hard at deciding what name they would give this newly created working combo.

The initial list of names included The Gonad Gonats, The DNA ANT Combo, AND ANT Co, ComANDANT... Finally, towards mid 2010, after months and months of hard work, they finally came up with what would be their final name: NADNAT PRODUCTIONS.

Their aim is to create audiovisual performative works. Nathalie Fixon is a photographer specialized in architecture, performing arts, film and travel photography. Nadine O’Garra on the other hand, is a performing and visual artist. It is the merging of their different, however complementary, set of professional skills that makes their work both original and entertaining.

Their work takes an interest in architecture and human interaction with its surroundings. It explores the use of the body and movement as a means of expression to describe a given environment, playing with the surroundings and creating absurd situations.

In general terms, they see art creation as a collaborative exchange with the local population and other artists to produce pieces that are involving and participatory. The people and the surroundings, become an integral part of the piece itself.