Our work consists in arriving at a place where we have a fixed amount of time, and during this period, we create stop motion animations, using the place as our scenery. The film follows a character who interacts with the local whereabouts. The piece is finally projected somewhere in the area it was created, in interaction with a live performance. 


Created during a 20 day residency period in the village of Shuhe (Lijang, China), hosted by Ilimitrof Compagnie and Festival CO ART. 
The animation was projected in the main square with a live performance accompanied by traditional local musicians.

COART 2013, Lijang from NADNAT Prods on Vimeo.

The animation can be found here:


Audiovisual (stop motion) and circus act created by NADNAT during a 5 day creative laboratory offered by the Central del Circ, Barcelona. The aim was to portray a barren, concrete landscape with a neutral character that guides you through the animation. Other circus artists were invited to interact in the piece that depicted the architecture of the Forum parc of Barcelona. These images were created to accompany a live rope act as part of a contemporary circus cabaret. 

The film:


Site specific stop motion created within the context of the circus and arts festival at Villa Kuriosum, Berlin. Using the locations at the festival and the city, we created a short film as an introduction to Jetty Kane's live act. Jetty Kane, like JFK, was very fond of berliners and also of croissants.

20 day residency period at Satelliet Badgast (Scheveningen, The Hague), as part of the project NOW WAKES THE SEA.
Bright Lights Big Sea, was a site specific animation film presented with a live rope act and a photography exhibition. The animation outlines an ordinary day in the local area of Scheviningen. The focus was put on large empty spaces of sea and beach, with a single person interacting with the local scenery. The intention was to show these areas during daytime, and then at night, lit up by neon lights, billboards, parking lights etc, to create a visual and performative representation of light pollution on the sea coastline.

Playing with the water reflections of these intruding lights and using camera movement techniques, we created a final light choreography combined with music to relay a nightmarish dizzying sensation. The evening of the presentation, the audience could first visit the expo in the container and then watch the live rope performance and screening outside.

As part of the project NOW WAKES THE SEA, by Satellietgroep
"Work In Progress" REWIRE Festival, 2-3 Nov 2012. The Hague, Netherlands.
Extract of Work in Progress
"Lighthouse" NOW WAKES THE SEA, BLACK SEA/NORTH SEA EXCHANGE PROJECT, 8-10 September. Batumi, Georgia.

Stills from Lighthouse (see below)

J'attendrai was the basis of our future project Cinéma Rétréci. NADNAT were awarded a grant by Royan Atlantique townhall and the FRAC (Regional Funds for Contemporary Art) for their idea of transforming a shipping container into a micro cinema. The choice of this mise en scene arose from a desire to pay homage to the first animated films and the birth of the cinema hall as a place of encounter, artistic and popular. Stop motion sequences captured in situ throughout the residency period were projected inside the micro cinema accompanied by a live vertical dance choreography.

Lighthouse from NADNAT Prods on Vimeo.